Eric Ryan and His Accusers Fight It Out

July 29, 2011


First of all, allow me to thank the thousands of you who have found your way to our radio show and  website.  Some of you may have arrived from the website, with the intent of being negative, and some of you to hear the other side of the story and seek the truth.    Either way,  we welcome you and thank you for your interest. 

Some comments on the blog at (owner anonymous)  seem to wrongfully portray Mr. Ryan's appearance on the CARROLL  COX  SHOW as an effort to misinform the public.   They want to circle the wagons and block  THE CARROLL COX SHOW  from hosting Eric Ryan again  (on 7/31).   They even suggested contacting the station owners.     I would like to share this with you.  Prior to the easier,  going up,  Mr. Keith Rollman of R Strategic Communications ( contacted me and predicted something like this would happen.  He specifically told me my show has been discredited,  as well as me personally, because I allowed Eric Ryan to take over my show. 

Subject: Don't say we didn't warn you.
Keith Rollman <>
Date: Mon, July 25, 2011 4:52 pm
To: Carroll Cox <>

Eric has already taken over your show and destroyed your credibility, and you don't even know it yet.

Keith Rollman


Some of you indicated on the blog that I would not ask their questions during my show  broadcast 7/24/11,  but that is not true.  Here are some facts.   Keith Rollman emailed me on July 26, 2011, two days after the  show:  "Carroll, thank you for reading my question to Eric.  It was the one question that I know he would lie about".  He also discussed the question and answer in depth  (see attached).    Note:  Keith also attached a voice recording, but I did not play it because I was unable to screen it for inappropriate language, like profanitiy, and set it up to play before the show.

Another post to the ericryanisacrook blog claims we did not allow anyone to call in with questions.  That, also, is not true.  Others have invited you to listen to THE CARROLL COX SHOW and, like them,  I would like to invite  you to listen to my 7/24 show.  You will hear a number of people calling in and asking questions,  as well as my many solicitations asking for questions and comments from listeners.

For the thinking person, we suggest you do one thing.  Ask yourself, who is responsible for the website    Whether or not what  Mr. Ryan says is true or false, at least he placed his information in writing, offered evidence, and attached his name for accountability on the website  This cannot be said about the creator of the website.  Therefore, we ask you, who has credibility?

Again, listen to both sides, and it is up to you to decide.  The CARROLL COX SHOW will continue to provide Mr. Ryan, and anyone else who, like him, finds themselves in the predicament of hearing one-sided news stories and accusations, with a platform to tell "their side of the story".    

Just so the record is clear, we invited Rep. Pine and  Councilman Berg to appear on our show,  but they declined.  They also declined to call in after being invited to do so during my show with Mr. Ryan on 7/24. (update: Tom Berg called in during the show on 7/31 to discuss the situation). For your information, and for the record,  I have also had a conversation with Ms. Pine and her associates during which I noted many inconsistencies in their statements, particularly Ms. Pine's portrayal of herself as a victim and her unwillingness to answer questions. 

Something else about Mr. Keith Rollman:  It is my opinion that it is no coincidence that Mr. Rollman would find it necessary to warn me that both I, and my show, have lost credibility and will basically suffer the consequences of having Eric Ryan on, and then, days later, the website is launched and threats are initiated towards myself and my show. 

Keith Rollman of
R StrategicCommunications (

To all of you:   be warned, if you think you are causing me alarm, you have failed.  I do not want to give any words of encouragement or suggest you continue your negative attacks on me or my show, but,  if you are trying to discourage me, I suggest you think again.     We encourage you to take any "evidence" you claim to have documenting Mr. Ryan's "illegal activities",  to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and try them in the court of law, not the court of public opinion. 

 Again, The Carroll Cox Show is here to stay, and will continue to assist  both the accused, and the accusers.  We want to hear both sides of the story.

Here are more emails from Keith Rollman, regarding his side of the story:

Here is an interesting story about Keith Rollman from Dave Shapiro at Volcanic Ash  (Link here).


President/CEO, The Carroll Cox Show