When Scotlund Haisley sent me the HSUS Jacket, there was a Badge and an ID card inside the pocket. An officer of the law was in my office that morning visiting with me as a  friend. He stated that if I put that badge on, there was a good chance that it would be mistaken as an law enforcement badge and I could be arrested.

I called Scotlund and relayed my concerns. His statement to me on the phone was, “I want the scum to think we’re law enforcement”. I informed him I would never wear that badge. I work with a large number of law enforcement people and have the utmost respect for them. From viewing Scotlunds behavior for a year, it is apparent that he has nothing but contempt for them.

When I had my face to face meeting with Wayne Pacelle at my hotel room in January 2008, in rural Mississippi, I brought this comment up to Wayne. His comment back to me while smiling his famous smile, was “ I like the Cowboy Ways that Scotlund brings to the team”. I told him those Cowboy Ways were going to net him a huge lawsuit one day. I had already informed Mr. Haisley that I would not be signing another contract with HSUS at the end of January when mine expired. This was about the 26th of January or thereabouts.


Ronnie N. Graves BOCPO, CO, LPO, RTP

Prosthetics Research Specialists, Inc.