July 20, 2011

Recently, in several news reports, Representative Kymberly Pine told the public about her claims of "cyber attacks",  extortion, career destruction, character assassination,  and her concerns with physical harm, but said nothing about having her eye on the District One City Council position and her plan to change political parties.   

These, and other topics will be discussed on The Carroll Cox Show on Sunday, July 24, 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM on radio station KWAI 1080 AM.    Our guest will be Eric Ryan who is at the center of the controversy with Representative Pine and Councilman Tom Berg.

Following are some questions I am asking Ms. Pine to answer before our show:

1.    Is there any truth to the report that you recently met with Mayor Peter Carlisle and disclosed to him your intentions to run for City Council and change your party affiliation? 

2.  If yes, what is the reason for your change of party and political office?

3.  Did Mr. Carlisle approve of  your candidacy and change of party affiliation?   If not, what was his response?

4.  If you do decide to run for City Council, do you have to resign from your current State House position?

5.  Have you informed  your current party of your intention  to change party affiliation (Republican to Democrat)?

6.  Have you formally declared your run for City Council?  If yes, when did you declare?

7.  Is Elizabeth Talbot your Campaign Manager for the City Council position?   If yes, please provide her contact number.

8.  Have you met with former City Councilmember Todd Apo and Developer Jeff Stone in the past?   If yes, did you request that Mr. Apo delay his public announcement, and his resignation, from the City Council?

9.  Did the timing of Tod Apo's announcements have any bearing on your run for your current position of State House Representative or your desire to run for City Council?

10.  Have you scheduled a campaign kickoff event at Oceans 808 on August 25, 2011?

11.  Is there any truth to the reports that you will announce your candidacy for City Council and your change of political affiliation (Republican to Democrat) at that event? 

12.  Have you authored legislation to address cybercrimes?

13.  Can your shepherding and sponsoring a hearing in the House for a bill on cybercrimes  be viewed as a vehicle to propel  you into the public spotlight for your soon to be announced candidacy?

14.  Have you given thought to people's concerns about your decision to not file a lawsuit against Mr. Eric Ryan for his alleged criminal actions against you?

15.  Mr. Ryan's alleged actions involved  "cyber crimes, extortion, and other civil violations" against you, personally.  That being the case, why didn't you file a civil action against Mr. Ryan instead of scheduling a hearing to shepherd and sponsor a cybercrimes  bill?

16.  Will the introduction and passage of a cybercrime bill help in your personal claims of criminal acts and injury caused by Eric Ryan, particularly since the bill will be passed after the fact?

17.  Why did your former Chief of Staff, Mr. Goller, offer to pay Mr. Ryan for the computer services that are at the center of your dispute and currently in the news?

18.  You told me that you spoke with Mr. Tom Berg  on Monday, July 18, and smoothed things over.   Did you inform Mr. Berg of your intentions to run for City Council?  

19.  Did you have a role in Mr. Berg's decision to fire Mr. Ryan,  and how he conducted a press conference to announce his firing of Mr. Ryan. 



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