December 22, 2012.    Today I witnessed acts of generosity and caring unlike anything I have witnessed in some time.   For Ms. Polly "Granny" Grace, giving to and caring for others comes as easily as walking and chewing gum at the same time.   With the help of her friends, and some nonprofit organizations and private businesses, Granny has, for twenty-five years, sponsored and held an annual function she calls the Keiki O' Ka'aina Annual Christmas Party. This year the party was held at the Kalae'loa Raceway Park in Kalae'loa.  The party was especially for the less fortunate children and adults that find themselves in difficult situations such as homelessness, abusive and battered women's shelters, halfway or transitional homes and  night shelters.


While a great many people were preoccupied with the supposed Mayan prediction that the world was coming to an end the day before, Granny and her supporters ignored the apocalyptic prediction and pressed on as if today is the day in life that the good in all human beings would be on display, and to remind us of the importance of caring and sharing with the less fortunate.   The smiles and happy faces of the attendees confirmed this.




Every child in attendance received toys and other gifts.  Approximately twelve hundred adults and children attended the party, where each was served lunch.  They were also provided entertainment by the WesBrook Halau, fire dancers, ferris wheels, bouncers, rock climbing, a roller coaster and other rides.


Sponsors for the day included  Hawaiian Electric, PVT Landfill, Ahuna Rentals, Vincent Manuwai of Island Shade, and the Kalae'loa Raceway Park.

If I were to be asked how did she do it, I would have to say with grace and I believe you would agree.

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