Dust From Massive Solar Farm Invades School


                                                                                                     Dust at Kamaile Academy in Waianae


July 29, 2016

A Solar Farm being built in Waianae, Hawaii is suspected of generating large amounts of dust that is finding its way into the classrooms of the Kamaile Academy. Kamaile Academy is a Public Charter School located at 85180 Ala Akau St. in Waianae Hawaii.

The school has a student population of nine hundred plus. It ranges from kindergarten through twelfth grade. It is in the Ulu Wehi community. This community is primarily poverty level with three homeless shelters and a transitional housing.

We were shown a number of classrooms where we were able to see firsthand the presence of dust on book shelves, floors, walls, books, chairs, file cabinets and appliances. We wiped some of the surfaces with towelettes and were astounded by the amount of dirt we saw.

Note the footprints on the floor and dirt on the towelettes.



School officials report that they are having to bear the expense for a private contractor to conduct air samples. They are also discussing with representatives of the Solar company to place misters and other mitigating measures to reduced the amount of fugitive dust entering the classrooms.

We are also concerned with the health impacts of the dust on the children while they play outdoors. We believe that stricter measures are needed to prevent the dust from migrating onto the school property.

We have filed a complaint with the Hawaii State Department of Health Clean Air Branch.

We will also review the state's records to determine if they have had other complaints from members of the surrounding community.

An anonymous resident told us "this is another example of the way government in Hawaii fast tracks projects and ignores the needs and concern of the people and the environment."

We will continue to follow this matter and report back. We are interested in knowing the owners of this Solar Farm. We have some information identifying Eurus Energy, owned by a Japan based company, Toyota Tsusho and Tokyyo Electrics It is reported the construction of the Solar Farm began in the later part of 2015. Staff reports having to cleanup large amounts of dust from the classrooms.